Venue Address

Texport Imabari Exhibition Hall
5-14-3 Higashimoncho, Imabari City, Ehime, 794-0033 MAP

Access Information

For visitors who have not completed hotel reservation yet

About hotel reservation in Imabari city

The hotels in Imabari city have been fully booked, but there are a few hotels that can be guided by the official travel agency. Availability is constantly changing, so please contact Fuji Travel Service Co., Ltd. (TEL: +81-897-47-0744 E-mail : mailto:[email protected]) for the latest availability information.


We recommend staying hotel near Matsuyama Station or Iyo-Saijo Station if the hotels in Imabari city are fully booked!

It is convenient to stay in Matsuyama City. From JR Matsuyama Station to Imabari Station, it takes only 37 minutes by limited express! In addition, those who have booked a hotel in Matsuyama City through an official travel agency can use the free shuttle bus to the venue.

Also, from JR Iyo-Saijo Station, you can reach Imabari Station in 20 minutes by express train.


Access from Imabari St. and Surrounding Cities

Imabari City

♦From JR Imabari St.
-10 Min. by Taxi

*The shuttle bus(Free) between Imabari St. and Texport Imabari will be available.


Matsuyama City

JR Matsuyama St. ⇔ JR Imabari St.

(minimum 37 minutes by express train )

-Shuttle bus(Charged) between Matsuyama and Texport Imabari will be available.


♦From Matsuyama Airport(70min.)
-Matsuyama Airport →[Bus 15min.]→ JR Matsuyama St. → [Yosan Line 40min.]→ JR Imabari St.


 Shuttle bus will be free for the visitor who booked Official Hotels in Matsuyama via Fuji Toravel.

 Click HERE for more information.


Saijo City

JR Iyosaijo St. ⇔ JR Imabari St.(20 minutes by express train )

♦From Saijo City (45min. by Car/70min. by Train or Bus)