General Information

Show Name
Bari-Ship 2023
25 – 27 May 2023  10:00-17:00  (until 16:00 on the last day)    *Open to the public on the last day
Texport Imabari
Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd.
In Partnership with
Imabari City, Imabari Maritime City Promotion Committee
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism,
The Japanese Shipowners' Association, Japan Federation of Coastal Shipping Associations,
The Shipbuilders' Association of Japan, The Cooperative Association of Japan Shipbuilders,
Japan Ship Exporters' Association, Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association, ClassNK, The Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc, The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers
17,000 (Forecast) ​
Exhibitor Categories
Shipbuilders, Ship Repairers, Ship Designs Ship Machinery and Equipment, Computer Systems & Software, Port Authorities, Finance, Insurance, Associations & Organisations, Ship Registry, Trading Companies, Publications, Others
Exhibition Size
350 Exhibitors


About Bari-Ship

Biggest Maritime Even in West Japan!

Bari-Ship exhibition and conference is held in the city of Imabari, home to the largest cluster of maritime-related industries in Japan. The city’s importance in this sector cannot be overstated - shipbuilding companies headquartered in Imabari account for one-third of all commercial tonnage built in Japan each year, while its shipowners control one-third of Japan’s ocean-going fleet. That’s why, every two years, Japan’s shipping industry gathers in Imabari to see the latest developments in maritime technology and to talk business.


Why Imabari?

1. Japan’s leading maritime city

Imabari is Japan's largest maritime city, home to numerous shipowners, shipbuilders, marine equipment makers, marine finance, and support service companies. It accounts for the largest volume of ship building in Japan, and Imabari-based ship owners own 35% Japan’ s ocean going fleet.

2. All eyes on Imabari

Although held in the regional city of Imabari, Bari-Ship attracts visitors from all over Japan. You will meet not only owners and key people from Imabari’ s shipping circle, but also from Tokyo and all the other maritime cities in Japan. Everyone needs to make their biennial pilgrimage to Bari-Ship to meet, exchange information and discuss

3. Imabari-based companies leading Japan maritime industry

Taking pride of place in Bari-Ship are the three pavilions for Imabari’s shipbuilders, ship-owners and marine equipment makers. A special feature of Bari-Ship is that on the last day of the show the exhibition is open to the
public. This is the day when you are likely to meet Imabari’s shipowners and ship builders at their most relaxed, as they bring their families to view the exhibits. This opportunity should not be underestimated, so make sure you are there.