Three Major Industries of Imabari

Shipping Industry

Shipping companies have a top class Japan's Ocean-Going Vessels.

"Imabari Owners" have approx. 30% of Japan's Ocean-Going Vessels.

There are approx. 70 ocean shipping companies in Imabari. They hold approx. 1,100 vessels which means Approx. 30% of Japan’s Ocean-Going Vessels. On the other hand, more than 190 coastal shipping companies are located in Imabari. They hold approx. 230 vessels.





Shipbuilding Industry

Shipbuilding companies have a 18% of domestic market share.

The number of shipbuilding companies: 14

There are 14 shipyards in Imabari. They built approx. 90 new vessels in 2020. It means they have 18 % of domestic market share. Approx. 35% of new vessels are built in shipyards whose head offices are in Imabari.



Marine Equipment Industry

The number of marine suppliers/equipment manufacturers approx. 160 companies.

Imabari has made marine equipment that performs outstandingly all over the world

Approx. 160 marine supply companies and their related manufacturers are located in Imabari. Their state-of-the-art technologies earn high accolades. Due to this, Imabari-made cutting edge marine equipment is used all throughout Japan and the world.