Online Exhibitor Presentation

What is Online Exhibitor Presentation?

Pre-event Online Exhibitor Presentation Programme allow you to obtain the latest information of exhibitor's products, services and technologies online before the show starts. Besides, you can request information materials directly to the exhibitors and make an appointment for onsite business meetings with them.


How to attend the online presentation  - Admission: Free of Charge / Visitor registration required

1.Make the visitor registration on the website here first. You will be required to put your visitor ID in the online presentation registration from.

2.Go to the programme below and click the presentation title you would like to attend. You will get the registration form on the screen. Please fill in the form and submit it to us. You will receive a confirmation and the link for attendance by return. 

Note: The language of the presentation will be speaker's preference. 

Online Exhibitor Presentation Week Schedule (Japan Local Time)

Monday, 17 April 2023
Time Seminar No Exhibitor / Seminar Title



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DX of antifoulings - Suggestion for operational management by combining premium antifouling system and data utilisation

Introducing the performance enhancement of premium antifouling system to meet the latest international regulations such as EEXI and CII,
and CMP's data solution service "CMP-MAP" that visualises antifouling performance and contributes to improving hull performance.
In addition, the FIR Theory version 3.0 and the dedicated 3D roughness measuring device, which are key technologies of "CMP-MAP", are also introduced.

 CHUGOKU MARINE PAINTS, LTD.     Language: Japanese

Tuesday, 18 April 2023
Time Seminar No Exhibitor / Seminar Title
11:00~11:45 ON-2

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Japan Engine Corporation, New Technologies for the Future

J-ENG introduce the latest forecasts that aims to contribute GHG emissions reduction in international shipping and a sustainable society. The development status of new high-efficiency engines, GHG zero emission engines using next-generation fuels, and the latest initiatives for carbon neutrality of UE engines are explained. As for digital technology, the development of new hardware and enhancement of various monitoring technologies are also introduced. 

 Japan Engine Corporation     Language: Japanese

Wednesday, 19 April 2023
Time Seminar No Exhibitor / Seminar Title
11:00~11:30 ON-4

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How can you make your ship never stops?

BEMAC set up a development concept of MaSSA (The Maintenance system for Soundness Sailing Ability) and is trying to realize “the ship never stops”. Within the MASSA-One project, BEMAC Tokyo Data Lab takes a role as a laboratory for next generation solutions. Also, BEMAC is working on the power electronics technology and development.

 BEMAC Corporation                       Language: Japanese

Thursday, 20 April 2023
Time Seminar No Exhibitor / Seminar Title
11:00~11:30 ON-6

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Digital Transformation of ship building process with welding simulation software

JWELD is a welding simulation software developed by JSOL.
JWELD quickly simulates deformation of welded joints, and it also simulates optimized welding sequences automatically.
We introduce some examples of improvement of ship building process using JWELD. And we also presents future plan of some approach of digital transformation of ship building yard with simulation software.

 JSOL Corporation                                  Language: Japanese