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Broadcast: 6-7 October 2021

Platform: Zoom

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Broadcast Schedule
Wednesday, 6 October 2021


Smart Ship Application Platform Seminar
by Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association

Session 1

A collaboration promoted by the Japanese maritime cluster to lead the world
~The introduction of SSAP project activities~


Mr. Yuichi Hara
General Manager, Autonomous Navigation Technology Development Department, Marine Electronic Products Division

To overcome challenges that could arise when shipboard data are used, the Smart Ship Applicaton Platform (SSAP) project, consisting of excellent human resources from the Japanese maritime cluster, has developed two ISO standards in partnership with overseas parters engaged in maritime affairs. Introduced at this presentation will be the efforts the SSAP project, which entered a fourth term in January 2021, is making to address such challenges and others.

Language: Japanese

Session 2

The introduction of Japanese-born international standards ISO19847/ISO19848
~achievements made through SSAP project activities~




Dr. Hideyuki Ando
Director, Maritime & Logistics Technology Division
MTI Co., Ltd.

This presentation will focus on ISO19847 (on-board data servers to share field data at sea) and ISO19848 (standard data for shipboard machinery and equipment). The JSMEA and the SSAP project have taken the initiative in the establishment of these international standards. Also discussed will be the impact of using the stanadards as well as  challenges expected to be tacled in the future.

Language: Japanese

Session 3

Efforts of IoS-OP using the results of the Smart Ship Application Platform



Mr. Akira Moritani
Chief Marketing Officer, Business Promotion Department
Ship Data Center Co., Ltd.

Introduced in this presentation will be the efforts being made in respect to the IoS-OP. It has been developed to have ISO19847, ISO19848 and various other standard technologies used in business. ISO19847 and ISO19848 are both achievements the JSMEA and the SSAP project have made through a range of activities. Action being taken by the IoS-OP Consortium as well as recent data accumulations with and date use for ShipDC will also be studied.

Language: Japanese

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National Maritime Research Institute Seminar

Session 1

Research Activities towards Guarantee of Ship Performance in Actual Seas


Mr. Naoto Sogihara, Chief Researcher, Fluids Engineering & Hull Design
National Maritime Research Institute
National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology

For further implementation of measures for protecting marine environment in shipping sectors, it is important to build high-performances ship and conduct an energy efficient operation. Additionally, a shipbuilding contract which guarantees ship performance in actual seas has begun. To address the situation, an evaluation method of the performance is necessary. This presentation outlines programs for evaluating the ship performance and introduces their applications to the evaluation.

Language: Japanese

Session 2

Advanced Evaluation from Wave Loads to Structural Strength for Whole Ship Models with NMRI-DLSA.



Mr. Chikahisa Murakami, Head, Structural Strength Evaluation
National Maritime Research Institute
National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology

We have developed the direct load and structural analysis and evaluation system (NMRI-DLSA) which can be seamlessly performed on whole ship as a support tool for ship structural design. The DLSA-Basic is based on a linear theory consisting of a linear motion and wave load analysis, linear structural analysis, and linear statistical prediction method. The DLSA- Professional is based on nonlinear structural analysis for ultimate strength.

Language: Japanese

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Thursday, 7 October 2021

Towards Autonomous Maritime




Mr. Iiro Lindborg
Vice President, Customer Solutions and Concepts
Groke Technologies

"Groke Technologies", a startup whose major shareholder is Mitsubishi Corporation, will give a presentation to provide an update on current status on autonomous commercial maritime, looking also into solutions in use and what is the readiness on technology implementations.

In the presentation introduction to different building blocks of autonomous commercial maritime will also be introduced.In the presentation introduction to different building blocks of autonomous commercial maritime will also be introduced.

Language: English      Subtitles: Japanese

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ClassNK Seminar


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