Benefits of Visitor Registration


The organiser of Bari-Ship recommends you complete the visitor registration in advance for some reasons.
Check it out and get ready!

*Attendees must be over 18 and connected to the Pharma industry in a professional capacity. However, on the last day (27th May), general public including children is allowed to attend Bari-Ship in conjunction with the co-located event held by the Imabari Maritime City Promotion Committee. General participants who hope to attend on the last day, please come directly to the venue without this registration.




Benefit 1:

Obtain your free visitor badges for direct access to the venue

You own account at the Visitor's My Page, will be created after your completing the registration. You will find your visitor badge there, so please print it out and come to the entrance of the venue with it for direct access.  


Benefit 2:

Save your seat at our online and onsite industry seminars

Various industry seminars will held at Bari-Ship. Visitor registration anyway will be required to complete for the seminar application.
Besides, popular seminars will be full soon before the show. So complete the registration and get ready to apply to seminars.

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    2. Benefit 3:

      Stay updated about the event

      1. We will keep you updated by sending you the latest information about Bari-Ship 2023 including the latest status to attend the event.