Be ready to visit the event!

To create an atmosphere at the event where both visitors and exhibitors can participate without anxiety

Thank you very much for your participation in Bari-ship 2021.

We would like to share with you the latest updates about the safety measures against COVID-19 at Bari-Ship 2021. Please make sure that you spare time to go through the following guideline so as to be well-prepared for visiting the event. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Looking forward to welcoming you to the show.

  1. *Those photos above were taken at the Bari-ship 2019.
  2. 1. Pre-registration via the website required for all visitors

In order to reduce congestion at the entrance to the exhibition as in order to gather the  contact information of all participants in advance , the organiser requires everyone who will participate in the exhibition, including exhibitors, to pre-register.

2. Get tested

All exhibitors are expected to get tested for coronavirus before traveling to Imabari for the event. If you are visiting the event from other prefectures, we also recommend you to get tested to make yourself feel more confident and comfortable. 

3. Visitors for Each Show Day

As in previous years, the first two days of the event are “ business day”. Only business professionals from the maritime industry will be allowed to access the event. On the third day the event access to the exhibition will be restricted to guests who have been specially invited by Imabari city. This measure is in order to control the density of visitors.

20 & 21 May 2021       Business Day only for professionals from the maritime industry             

22 May 2021               Invitation Only

Who will be invited on 22 May?

Group 1) Persons who work in the maritime industry in Imabari

Group 2) Family members of Group 1

Group 3) Students from schools in Ehime prefecture and their parents invited by Imabari city

Please contact Imabari City, Imabari Maritime City Promotion Committee for your questions about the invitation.

Imabari City, Imabari Maritime City Promotion Committee
Email:[email protected]

4. Participants from outside Japan

 In principal only persons resident in Japan, regardless of nationality, can attend Bari-Ship 2021 due to the current international travel restrictions. The overseas companies participating in the exhibition are companies that have offices, agents or partners in Japan.

5. Visitor Traffic Control

If deemed necessary, the organiser will control the density of visitors inside each zone by limiting or closing entrances. Visitors may be asked to wait at the entrance before entering the venue.  

  1. 6. Health Check

The following persons, both exhibitors and visitors, will not be admitted to the exhibition:

      • ●Persons with a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher
      • ●People with symptoms such as cough, sore throat, or breathlessness
      • ●Persons under health observation by health authorities
      • ●Persons who have travelled to a country or region of which residents are restricted by the government ●from entering the country, or those who have been required by the government to undergo a period of ●observation within the past 14 days, or those who have had close contact with such a person
      • ●Persons with abnormalities in the senses of taste or smell

You are also asked to cooperate with the following prevention measures against COVID-19.

1) Frequent hand sterilization

2) Wear a mask at all times

3) Temperature measurement at the entrance

4) Entry controls to the event to limit the number of visitors

5) Keeping physical distance from other participants

5) Pre-registration on the website required for all visitors

Stay updated!

Every effort will be made to ensure that Bari-Ship 2021 is held safely, including following the instructions and guidelines issued by the Japanese government and the Japan Exhibition Industry Association. Please note that the organiser may ease, strengthen or add to the measures depending on changes in circumstances. 

Please keep yourself updated here. Before traveling to Imabari, please click the following button for the measures against COVID 19 during the show period.