Why Imabari?

The city of Imabari on the island of Shikoku is the powerhouse of Japan’s maritime industry. Shipbuilding companies headquartered in Imabari account for around one-third of annual commercial tonnage built in Japan. The area’s ship owners own one-third of Japan’s oceangoing fleet, and the city is home to an extensive marine equipment manufacturing industry.  


There are approx. 70 ocean shipping companies in Imabari. They hold approx. 980 vessels which mean Approx. 41% of Japanese merchant fleet. On the other hand, more than 200 coastal shipping companies are located in Imabari. Japanese coastal merchant shipping fleet has 5,196 vessels in total and Imabari owners account for 5% of it (approx. 260 vessels.).



There are 14 shipyards in Imabari and they built approx.. 90 new vessels in 2016. This number shows that total shipbuilding volume in Imabari account 18% of total Japanese shipbuilding. Also, approx. 30% of new vessels in Japan were built by the companies who have their head office and/or branches in Imabari.



Around 160 marine equipment supplier and manufactures are located in Imabari. Their state-of-art technologies and products gained in fame in the world.